Fairy slippers, pirate boots, and Renaissance shoes for your fantasy-themed wedding

Fellow geeks, I beseech you to gaze upon these Renaissance shoes, fairy slippers, pirate boots, and gladiator sandals. Is there a pair Renaissance wedding shoes in here to complete your nerdy wedding outfit? It never hurts to take a peek. Let's explore what I found in my search for the most excellent fantasy-themed wedding shoes I could find. Just wait until you see the last pair…


Dramatically gorgeous dark fairy wedding

Unseelie royalty has arrived in their finery: a rich red gown, red and black leather, and lush florals at this dark fae wedding. The castle backdrop betrays their status among the other dark fae in the Unseelie court. Don't miss this stunning wedding with visuals that will knock your socks off and geeky references to tickle your nerd bone.


Shauna & Jeff's faerie tea party swamp wedding

Bubbles, faerie wings, flowering tea centerpieces, and a gorgeous sunny Florida day makes this wedding a lovely sight for sore winter eyes. There was almost a faerie wing disaster, but a last-minute save did the trick. Plus, the bride has some advice on setting up a schedule for the day: DO IT!


Aidan & John's Celtic renaissance faerie handfasting

There's a faerie attendant climbing under the bride's skirt and a groomsmaiden finding out exactly what's under all those kilts, and that's just the beginning of this beautiful and sometimes bawdy renaissance faerie handfasting. These two and their castmates put one awesome production of a wedding, complete with royal officiating and Celtic music. Find out what color the bride changed into and how she managed the amazing sleeves as the evening went on.