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A nest of eggs? Seven pounds of iron? These epic non-floral bouquets will ignite your creativity

Felt and paper bouquets are super popular for good reason — they’re fucking awesome! And you can keep them around a hell of a lot longer than real flowers. But I am here to tell you that there are oh so many more options for your non-floral bouquet. Believe it or don’t, but 25 is just a fraction of the examples we’ve got squirreled away on Offbeat Bride.

Sarah & Troy’s Beetlejuice-themed, epic FX movie wedding

You may have already seen the sneak peek of this wedding’s head-shrinkingly amazing Beetlejuice decor, but you haven’t seen anything yet! In addition to the sand worms, Handbooks of the Recently Deceased, and the sculptures from the movie. There were silly vows, a sweet father/daughter dance, and of course, the amazingly accurate Beetlejuice officiant that would give Michael Keaton a run for his money!

This wedding is all about rain boots, fabric bouquets, and co-written vows pledging eternal love for cats

Holly and Jen rock at crafting: they handmade both of their bouquets and all of the desserts served at their wedding, including the three-tired wedding cake! Yellow and gray clearly ruled the day, as evidenced by the rain boots worn by the brides, the ribbons used for their handfasting, and the crows and bird cages printed on the dessert cookies. The pair bridged sentiment and humor with their co-written vows, including promises to accept each cat brought into their lives and staying together long enough to see what one another’s tattoos look like in old age.

Use Cocroft and Delbridge’s custom fabric flowers to keep your wedding day memories alive

Whether your style is classically elegant, girly with a touch of vintage, beautifully bohemian, glitzy glam, or rocker chic, Cocroft and Delbridge is going to hook you up with fabric flowers that’ll make you think twice before throwing that bouquet. Speaking of bouquets, let’s take a look at all the ways Cocroft and Delbridge can outfit your wedding with flowers that’ll never say die…

DIY ribbon flowers for your bouquets, boutonnieres, decor, and more

I never counted how many ribbon roses I made before the wedding. Let’s just say the number is probably somewhere in the mid-to high-hundreds, and I can now do them in my sleep! They started as something cool I wanted to have in my bouquet, and ended up being visible almost everywhere in the wedding. Here are all the different ways I used ribbon roses to decorate my wedding…

How to make semi-kanzashi style fabric flowers (part 2)

Tribe member Midgetgem has three different and equally awesome fabric flower making tutorials. So please to enjoy part two of a three part, fabric flower series and keep an eye out for part three in the upcoming weeks! -Megs