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A wedding postmortem: what I'd change about our wedding

A wedding postmortem: what I’d change about our wedding

After a wedding is over “they” say to remember the good and forget the bad. There’s no point harping about things that went wrong because there’s no way to change them. However, with the benefit of hindsight, there are some things that I would do differently that might benefit you to know…

Here are the 6 discussions you should have with your partner before the wedding

The 6 discussions you should have with your partner before the wedding

Is it getting down to the wire? Wedding date almost here?! Have you had these six big ol’ convos with your partner yet? Oh, it’s on. Time to start waylaying fears, saying thanks, and talk about TV shows. Wait, what? Yep, all of the above need to happen stat. Here are the six discussions before the wedding that probably need to happen.

Aesthetic vs. identity: how cool are you with changing your look as a bridesmaid?

Remember this post about how to be an offbeat bridesmaid in a traditional wedding and where to draw the line with changing your look to suit the bride’s wishes? If you’re reading this site, chances are you’ve been there. Maybe more than once. We’ve got some follow-up real talk from reader Vanda that we needed to share…

Anyone else struggling with FEELING engaged while not officially engaged?

My boyfriend and I frequently talk about getting married — to the point that we have already decided on a wedding date, a venue for both ceremony and receptions, bridal parties, and guest list. But he has yet to pop the question. So while I’m feeling guilty about being twenty yards ahead, he feels guilty being twenty yards behind. I’m struggling with already FEELING engaged while not quite officially being there yet. How do I slow down this crazy wedding train?!

Our wedding was full of tears and imperfection… and I loved it

Our wedding day was not perfect. It was waaay colder than expected, our venue had half a dozen hiccups, there was one trip to the hospital, one birth, and one rival college football game. But when people ask me how my wedding was, all I can say is “like a dream.” Then I ache and wish it was three times longer and I could live it ten more times over.

The wrong way to make a bouquet? Learning to accept help and relinquish wedding control

I haven’t been asking for help, I haven’t been delegating, and I’ve been overwhelmed and drowning in an endless sea of paperwork and DIY projects. I’ve been so worried about letting people help because I feel like only I know what the end result is “supposed” to be, and I’m scared that if someone else makes something it won’t be “right.” This is where my thinking needs to change…