See you this weekend, Los Angeles and Denver (and next weekend, Bay Area!)

Only three expos left of the 2016 Lovesick Expo tour. This is the first year that I am making it to EVERY SINGLE EXPO, and my Alaska Airlines frequently flyer miles are definitely starting to stack up. New York, Philly, Boston? You were all amazing. Seattle? My hometown so of course it the best (me? biased? ho ho ho). There are only three 2015 Lovesick Expos left, and two of them are this weekend:

Saturday February 20, 2016: Los Angeles

Sunday February 21, 2016: Denver

Can't wait to party with you soon at Lovesick Expo Atlanta, LA, Denver, and SF!

Lovesick Expo Seattle happened yesterday and… holy shit, my friends. That was pretty much the best day-drunk party I've been to in years. I might be biased because it was my hometown show, but that's the thing about Lovesick: yes, it's a wedding expo, but the goal for all of us producing the event is that it basically just feels like a great fucking party. Where you, like, also get to talk to great fucking wedding vendors.

The expo is coming to Atlanta this weekend, with California and Colorado shows next month. Come party with us?


TSA hates sequins: lessons learned at NY & Philadelphia Lovesick Expos

This weekend was the kickoff of the 2016 season of our Lovesick Expo, and it started with a bang (and a gag!) in New York on Saturday, and then Philadelphia on Sunday. I flew out for both shows, and over the course of the two days, met almost 800 people including some faaaabulous Offbeat Bride readers. I also learned a few things that I want to share… like why TSA hates sequins.

Our 2016 Lovesick Expos start in TWO WEEKS (get excited & get tickets!)

Two weeks from today (Saturday January 9th!) the 2016 season of Lovesick Expos will kick off! For those of you who have missed all our freaking out about Lovesick, they're the expos dedicated to be bringing some of our favorite offbeat vendors to EIGHT locations across the US.

In the spirit of getting excited, here are a few of the vendors you'll be meeting very, very soon…