Heather & James' kilted Medieval fantasy "secret wedding"

Kilts, handmade gowns, and a William Wallace sword — it's the Braveheart-themed wedding of your fantasy-filled dreams! Two days, a nighttime "secret ceremony," and The Texas Ren Fest makes for a an awesome time. And since these two are Army vets, it made perfect sense to have the wedding on Veteran's Day.


Baily & Martyn's DIY rock 'n' roll Halloween wedding

If the costumes, kick-ass handmade dress, and three-legged dog dressed as the Black Knight (sans leg, natch) don't get you, the paper doll-inspired invitation will. And if even that doesn't get you, the officiant holding "Weddings for Dummies" will. And if THAT doesn't get you, just wait until you see the band dressed as brides and the slow-dancing Jay and Silent Bob. It's a smorgasbord of amazingness over here.