Timing, gifts, and guest lists: How to plan an engagement party

Are you recently engaged? Aw yiss! Now it's time to start planning it all, including whether or not to have the totally optional engagement party. First: trust me that nobody will be bothered if you decide NOT to plan one of these babies. In fact, we even made a pros and cons list! But if you are (or someone else is throwing one for you — whooo!), here are our tips for how to plan an engagement party.


"We're doing this, bishes!" Should I have an engagement party?

Unless you're eloping, you probably have to announce your engagement somehow, right? Maybe you'll have a stereotype-toppling engagement photo session or maybe you'll send out engagement announcements, or maybe… you'll ask yourself, "should I have an engagement party?" Is it required? Hell nah. Can it be cool? Hell yeah. There are loads of pre-wedding party opportunities though, so here are some pros and cons to throwing an engagement party if you're on the fence about this one.


5 ways to throw a kick-ass engagement party

Did you just get engaged? Congrats! Now it's time to celebrate. If you want to throw an engagement party, but you're not sure what that entails… Or if your family is begging to throw one for you… Or you think engagement party = stuffy and awkward… Don't stress! Here are some ways that you can throw a kick-ass engagement party that will make everyone excited to RSVP "yes!"