Help me, Obi-wan, my only hope is this engagement shoot with Star Wars jerseys and Pokéballs

Ben proposed to Alyssa with a stunning vintage ring nestled inside a Pokeball that said "I choose you!" So it made total sense that these adorable nerdy birds wanted to snag some engagement photos decked out in their nerdy gear — specifically their Star Wars Jerseys.

May the Fourth is only two days away so this adorable couple will surely usher us into the Tatooine spirit. But not back to Jakku! May the force be with them, always.

Love in the stacks: a literary engagement shoot with two cute brides-to-be

This beautiful pair of ladies both work for a big city public library system so a literature-themed engagement session was on the agenda. They added even more meaning to it by finding the perfect book store to match their intentions. Let's hear from bride-to-be Amara on how she and her partner Ginny decided where and how to rock a bookish engagement session (all while juggling a photographer swap and the hurdles of planning a wedding as plus size, queer people!)…

It's vintage love at this quirky thrift shop engagement shoot

We dreaded the idea of a lovey-dovey shoot with butterfly kisses, so we agreed to just not have engagement photos done. BUT then we were granted this really awesome opportunity to shoot our engagement session with an awesome photographer who loves out-of-the-norm wedding photos, and we had the idea to shoot at Goodwill.

It was like a giant closet to play in for the day…