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No one NEEDS to do engagement photos of course, but if you’re doing them we’ve got lots of adorable and unique engagement photo ideas, examples, and advice… and even a few hilarious engagement photo ideas.

Pole dance engagement photos

I’ve been pole dancing as a hobby for eight years now. When my husband proposed, he knew how much of a big deal pole was in my life, so he arranged with the studio owners to sneak into class while I was stretching, and got down on one knee. This beautiful proposal resulted in some […]

Steal these 10 fun and unique engagement photo ideas

Looking for nontraditional engagement photo ideas that really showcase your personality? We’ve got a plethora of quirky, fun, playful, romantic, and even sexy engagement photos that’ll inspire you to plan a shoot that’s authentically you!

Wheelie in love: a skater engagement shoot

Nicole and Matt incorporated their love of roller derby and skateboarding into a skater engagement shoot that WHEELIE reflected their personality!

Are naked engagement photos a thing now?

We’re about to head into engagement photo season. Insert the gauzy shots of couples smiling at each other, and the photos of folks holding hands in the park, with the engagement ring showing just so.

We’ve all seen a million of these poses. But what if you could get the photos you need for your save-the-date cards and social media engagement announcements, while also getting shots LIKE THIS?!

Check this winter engagement photoshoot from two intense med students

A passionate engagement photo shoot may be outside some people’s comfort zone, but Jordan Jay found that it conveyed her relationship with fiancé Nicholas better than the typical super-sweet shots.

Let's relive a seriously sweet surprise proposal at this engagement shoot in Spain

Let’s relive a seriously sweet surprise proposal at this engagement shoot in Spain

Álvaro and Josechu met while they were both playing in an opera orchestra which sounds terribly romantic to me. They fell in love and five years later, a proposal happened.

One morning, Álvaro found a note that lead him to the garden where Josechu had prepared a private picnic brunch… or at least that’s what got Álvaro to walk over…