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This Las Vegas elopement took Elvis on the road and finished up with pancakes galore

This Las Vegas wedding took Elvis on the road and finished up with pancakes galore

Anna and Bryon’s Las Vegas elopement had everything we love about Vegas: a classic Elvis impersonator officiant, a playing card boutonniere, lots of DIY that matched Las Vegas style (look out for the big dice “bouquet!”), and a pancake reception (with a playing card pancake topper!).

Don’t miss Anna’s amazing two-piece dress with detachable skirt…

The King officiated this retro Vegas wedding in a tiki bar

The King officiated this retro Vegas destination wedding in a tiki bar

Tasha and Martin live in Australia, but they trekked all the way out to Las Vegas for their rock ‘n’ roll Vegas destination wedding. Everyone headed to the oldest Tiki bar in Las Vegas, Frankie’s Tiki Room, a very cool, very dark, and intimate bar. The wedding was officiated by The King himself, naturally.

Beth & Garrett’s nerdy boozy musical kickballer wedding

Home-brewed beer (including beer ceremony), an Elvis officiant, a hilarious camp wedding guide, and a cocktail hour with lawn games and merit badges — you’ve just described my perfect camp-out party. Don’t even get us started on the tearful first look, the Sharpie pre-tattoo rings, the dads’ pre-ceremony chest bump, and the time-traveling video invitation. Oh, and there’s one more video that we’re keeping a secret. Trust me, you have to see it.

Cory & Joe’s laid-back winter wonderland wedding

This mellow holiday wedding lit the electric menorah and decorated with Christmas trees, featured appearances by a female Elvis impersonator AND a female Santa impersonator, and had a fountain — not of chocolate, but NACHO CHEESE. The ceremony involved compromising on vows, touching readings, and family blessings, and as one small guest put it, some WHOA. Snuggle in for some holiday cheer and peek through this winter wonderland wedding…

Robin & Mark’s retro 3D movie theater wedding

Elvis has entered the building at this rad retro wedding. Bust out your 3D glasses to take in all the ’50s details from the classic car getaway to one swingin’ Daddy-o. We have your ticket to see this amazing wedding.

Joey & Wade’s crowdsourced zombie wedding

Get your candy out because it’s Halloween Week! We’ve got zombies, ghosts, and gore in our weddings. This time around it’s a couple who met at a Zombie Walk, so the theme was inevitable. Zombies, natch, but also an Elvis minister and a unicorn ring bearer! Plus, the officiant started the ceremony with “Brains. Brains brains brains brains brains.” A total must-read.