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We know that your vow to help save the planet is one of the most important vows you’ve ever made… until this second vow thing entered the picture. Learn how to combine your wedding day and your eco-ethics!

Solitary Pearl is offering discounts and deals on their ethical, custom, or DIY indie wedding gowns!

Our sponsor Solitary Pearl offers comfy and eco-friendly dress designs like my new favorite up there. Much like that dress, all these Solitary Pearl dresses are just so incredibly gorgeous but still indie. And just feminine enough to please princesses and tomboys alike.

I hope you haven’t found your wedding dress yet, because there are three reasons you’re going to be seriously tempted by Solitary Pearl…

Laura & Jason’s rainbow sacred circle potluck wedding

With a desire to keep things eco-friendly, unplugged, and ultra-fun, this outdoor celebration totally embraces low-key loveliness. Add in some rainbow decor, a wildly-dressed and winged games master, and even a talent show, and you’ve got yourself totally accessible party fun times for all ages.

Katherine & James’ barefoot eco-friendly forest wedding

This week we’re letting our hair down and getting back to nature in the wild, wild outdoors! Today we’ve got a barefoot couple in the forests of Piccadilly with rainbows, a teepee, and one very fun Kombi. They managed to make it all happen while compromising with a religious family, coaxing a van into carrying a clown car-load, and dealing with a very naughty bird at the ceremony.

Nicole & Josh’s eco-friendly camping trip wedding

A midweek morning ceremony with a whole week of campout festivities surrounding it? Sounds fab. This couple was on a mission to keep things as eco-friendly as possible and to undertake any and all DIY projects. Was it a success? You’ll just have to see for yourself. Here’s a hint: hell yes.

Help your guests haul their stuff with canvas tote bag favors

If you’re looking for a super useful favor that probably won’t get tossed on the way out, check out Tara and Chuck’s idea: reusable canvas bags tied up with little thank you notes.

Seattle’s Blue Sky Bridal has the affordable, eco-friendly dress of your dreams

Washington brides, we just found where you’re going to get your wedding dress! Blue Sky Bridal is a very small bridal shop in Seattle, owned by Jen who’s a former Offbeat Bride-turned-Offbeat Vendor. Let’s dive into their eco-friendly ways and gush over real-life wedding photos of Blue Sky Bridal dresses in action… in forests, in cities, in the rain, and even on top of a mountain…