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We were one of the first wedding blogs to discuss wedding earrings for gagued ears, but we’ve also featured more classic styles like chandeliers and more. PS: you should totally check out these guys.

Make wedding day jewelry from flowers (or preserve your bouquet as jewelry, after the fact!)

Where are my nature-lovers? Where are my flower children? Where are my eco-chic chicks? Come to me, my children, and gaze upon the beauty of the bridal jewelry from our sponsor Impressed by Nature. Kyla, the jewelry designer, specializes in handmade pressed flower and leaf jewelry and accessories for brides, wedding parties, mothers, grandmothers, and anyone else! Not only does Kyla make floral wedding jewelry, but she also makes jewelry out of your wedding florals. Check it out…

Use clip-on earrings as place card holders

My very good friend’s wedding was beach themed, so I thought it was appropriate to suggest using beach-y clip-on earrings on the place card holders. They continue the theme, they add stability to the cards, and they’re a snap to put on!

Are there wedding-friendly industrial barbell earrings? You know it.

Offbeat pierced couples: are you wearing your industrial barbells at the wedding? If I know our Offbeat Bride readers, you’ll be all for it. See this collection of wedding plugs (and the many comments!) for proof. I went on a mission to find wedding-friendly barbells that could match the laciest or raciest wedding wear.

Formal plugs and tunnels for stretched ears

If you’ve got stretched ears, you know what we’ll say… rock them for the wedding! There may be cases where you’ll want a flesh-tone hider, but that would make us sad face when formal plugs like the ones in this post exist. If you’ve decided to embrace your lobes, I’ve compiled a little collection of my favorites formal plugs for wedding days, or any day you want to rock your stretched ears AND feel fancy…

Earrings for brides with stretched lobes

I have stretched earlobes, 2G to be precise. Not as big as they could be, but they’re definitely not bridal-jewelry accessible. Even though my ears are larger-than-the-average-bride, I want to play with the wedding bling too! i’ve seen some beautiful large-gauged fancy filigree, and diamond studded plugs online, but I’ve yet to find anything that […]