How to make mocktails for your non-drinking friends at your boozy wedding

The secret that some bartenders don’t want you to know is that nearly any cocktail can be improvised into a mocktail. Why don’t they talk about this more often? I don’t know. I take the completely opposite stance. I feel that being able to cater to any kind of guest demonstrates flexibility. Today I’m going to share with you some of my go-to mocktail recipes.


Heather & Johnathan's nerdy summer picnic wedding

These two had some interesting dilemmas: managing expectations from a very Catholic family and a not-so-Catholic family, balancing the needs of disabilities and the recovery community, and having a super low budget. But we can all learn from this bride's kick-ass attitude about keeping things accessible and authentic! Plus, we're totally behind any wedding that ends with a D&D campaign.


Cara & Joshua's homemade Southern backyard wedding

This week we're letting our hair down and getting back to nature in the wild, wild outdoors! This time we've got a Southern-style backyard wedding with mocktails, recycled tornado trees, and one bad-ass, bug-slaughtering bride. Oh, and you'll never guess who caught the bouquet!


Sariah & Josh's rainbow glow stick island wedding

How often does a real rainbow show up at your rainbow-themed wedding? That alone is a must-see. But there's also a nom-worthy breakfast-for-dinner buffet, tons of glow sticks, and loads of cute wedding party photos to keep you looking. (Take a peek at the slideshow for TONS of funny photos!) And you'll never guess what kind of unexpected wedding crasher made his way to the ceremony!