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Wendy & Tom’s joyful community-made Heathen mini-festival

This week we’re celebrating woodsy, outdoor weddings before it gets too cold. Today we’ve got a Heathen wedding full of meaning, community-driven support, and an amazing campground venue. Don’t miss the bride’s flower crown and purple hair combo, the druidic ceremony, and the extra sage words from the bride that will totally put your planning into perspective.

Chelsea & Edward’s cozy, Druid, handfasting wedding

Chelsea & Edward had an inclusive yet traditional Druid hand fasting ceremony with cupcakes!

Diane & Taren’s Pagan/ADF, Druid, fall-fest wedding

Parts of our wedding included blessing our guests with land, sea and sky, three rune readers who read relevant runes while holding our rings to infuse blessings, a prayer to the Earth Mother, and the reading of a poem. Our dog even had a part!

Regina & Alyx’s Gamer-Geek Druidic-Style Wedding

The Offbeat Bride: Regina, Pre-Press Technician (and OBT member “Parallax“) Her Offbeat Partner: Alyx, Psychology Student Location & date of wedding: Beardslee Castle, Little Falls, NY — October 11, 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: Once we finally started to plan our wedding, the biggest question we asked ourselves was “What is our wedding about?” […]