Mmmm… this cream and black wedding dress is tasty

I love this Scottish bride's dress — I've never seen anything like it. The black underskirt and bust give it the most amazing flavor. I can imagine this concept working with any number of colors — blue, red, whatever.


The Lesbian Bride's Handbook

Every bride can get something from this article — but I encourage you to make use of this great quote: "Why aren't you wearing white?" Eventually, I realized that, obviously,…..


Bad-ass red & black wedding

Jane Doe's UK wedding is a stunner, with the bride's red dress and the retro bridemaids. Jane Doe's wedding is a bit fetishy, the groom a more emo (if only…..

DaintyCore plays hard to get

Several people have asked me about the outfits Andreas and I wore at our wedding, and while I go into detail about them in the book, I must take a…..


Drool-worthy gowns

My taste in wedding gowns tends toward the theatrical, and that goes a long way towards explaining why I just spent half an hour drooling over the couture gowns at…..