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wedding dress with sleeves

So you’re looking for a wedding dress with sleeves? Well, first: we think your arms are gorgeous. That said, we support you finding a wedding dress that feels awesome, so this is our collection of REAL brides wearing REAL wedding dresses with (yes) REAL sleeves.

Delicious, vintage-style NOLA, French Quarter wedding

New Orleans photographer Elizabeth Ray sent us some eyegasmic wedding photos from Kerry and Rob’s wedding. From the vintage dress to the crumbly location to the gorgeous couple in general, this wedding will make you squee…

Rosanne & Andrew’s traditional and geeky wedding

Although Rosanne & Andrew wanted to keep their ceremony traditional that didn’t stop them from showing their geeky/gamer side. This meant having an Xbox 360 at their reception and sending out mini-comic books as thank you’s!

Olga & Sergei’s dark, gothic, wine-country escape

Despite saying they’re not goths, these two went for black rings, a black dress, no cake, no dances, and a non-traditional gothic style wedding.

Shanah & Jerry’s Gothabilly Wedding!

“Don’t treat your wedding like a competition, focus on the things that mean the most to you and your husband/wife to be, not what others are doing.”