How to snag amazing vintage bridesmaid dresses

I outfitted my three bridesmaids in vintage dresses. My motivation was twofold: I love vintage styling, and I try to live by a reduce-reuse-recycle ethos. I loved how it all worked out. If you are thinking of going with vintage dresses, or are in the throes of things already, here are some tips for you.


Buying the dress (an illustrated adventure)

At first I wasn't going to to the sample sale, because when I hear about bridal sample sales, I think of roaming, semi-feral packs of friends all wearing matching t-shirts and clubbing each other to death over the first spotting of what might be a Vera Wang…


13 wedding dresses under $100

Part of being an Offbeat Bride is knowing that you don't HAVE to get your dress from a bridal boutique or a chain store and that it doesn't have to cost eleventy-thousand dollars. So to help you on your affordably offbeat dress hunt, here are 13 wedding dress options under $100…