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Why put a ring on it? Go for a wedding anklet

In the past, I’ve answered advice questions from folks who are like “We don’t want to exchange rings! How do we do a ceremony without wedding rings?” Well, here’s one more idea to consider: a wedding anklet.

Beautiful dreadlock up-do

A while back I answered an advice question about how to style your dreadlocks on your wedding day. Well, Chloe here may rocking my very favorite dread style ever. Tidy with the hairline baby hairs slicked over and a bit formal with those rosebuds — but still fully textured and genuine. (Thanks to drtoast for […]

Dread extension advice for brides

Part II of my series on dready weddings is a guest blog from none other than Ms. Siouxzi Rodeman, steampunk bride and fake dread aficionado. First, ask yourself… What makes you feel amazing or really brings out the sparkle in you? How far do you want to take your “offbeat” look? What do you want […]

How to style your dreads on your wedding day

Can you steer me in the direction of wedding hair for chicks with dreads? My mom is fucking tripping (which is so completely weak considering that I’m 32 and paying for the shindig) so I thought I’d get her to chillax with some dready wedding goddess hair pix. -Reba We’ve got you on this one! […]