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Brittany & Louis’ rustic farm wedding with the sweetest heat exhaustion moment ever

“Let us never forget the greatest love story ever told started with a mustache.” Thus begins the cutest wedding write-up turned fan ever. Between the epic, love letter-reading first look, the tearful father/daughter dance, and the choreographed flash mob, you’ll be hooked like whoa. Oh, and wait until you see how a little heat exhaustion became one of the sweetest ceremony moments we’ve seen.

Alicia & Jonah’s nature-focused Native American wedding

Our ceremony was a traditional Ojibwa wedding, performed by an Ojibwa elder. Ojibwa is an eastern Canadian native American tribe which is Jonah’s ancestry. Our wedding was held outdoors from ceremony to pictures to dinner to reception. The reception was held at night under a patch of trees. We danced on a grass dance floor.

Erin & Bill’s brass knuckle moonshine wedding

This bad-ass couple knows what’s UP: lightning bolt light-up 7.5 inch platform heels, a brass knuckles theme, homemade moonshine, motorcycles, tattoos, and top hats. This backyard wedding with views of the Puget Sound is also home to sweet succulents, skeleton details, and of course… the bride’s amazing dress! And just wait until you see the moment between the ring dog and the ring bearer!

Giselle & Alan’s pirate handfasting wedding

Y’aaaaar! A pirate’s wedding for me! This geeky pair loves pirates and loves costumes EVEN MORE! So when it came to getting all the guests involved, these two did some serious pirate strong-arming and it totally worked. There were corsets, swords instead of bouquets, and no landlubbers in sight.

Wedding styles for Natural Hair and locs

Every time I see a natural bride straighten out her gorgeous curls, or, worse yet, cover them with a weave or wig just for the sake of looking more “polished” or “feminine” for her wedding, a little piece of me dies inside.  I’ve been natural for 16 years, loc’d for 12 of those years, but I’m still always on the lookout for new ways to style my hair, especially now that I’m getting married in May.  But I understand how those who are new to the natural hair “movement” may be a little unsure of what to do with their hair on their wedding day.  There are quite a few photos out there of curly natural hair styles, and I wanted to provide some inspiration for the loc’d ladies as well.  So cancel that sew-in appointment, girl, and check out these ‘dos…

Hilary & Isaac’s serendipitous bookstore elopement

This pair of artsy cuties met and fell instantly in love. Between the pink quinceañera dress, adorable book store venue, and cupcake elf cake there’s a lot to love…. but the most serendipitous part of all is how they get free photography just by hanging out and being awesome.