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Shaun & Lauren’s Quaker and Buddhist inspired, Seuss-ian beach wedding

Offbeat groom Shaun chimes in to share the story of Lauren and his Dr. Seuss themed, buddhist/quaker inspired beach wedding. Shaun did most of the planning while Lauren was busy with school. He even went as far as referring to himself as “the bride.” SO CUTE!

Stacy & Daniel’s Episcopal Dr. Seuss wedding

Stacy & Daniel had a Dr. Suess themed wedding which included three foot Cat in the Hat hats, a five foot Cat in the Hat cardboard cut out, stuffed Seuss characters used instead of pew bows and more!

Kelly & Rick’s zany, red and black gothic wedding

Kelly & Rick didn’t really have a budget in mind. But they also knew that they didn’t want to spend a fortune on their wedding. Instead of compromising their vision they decided to look for cheaper options. The result was a beautiful red and black themed gothic wedding!

Leah & Mark’s amazingly fun, love-filled weekend wedding

Leah & Mark collaborated with their Reiki Master to craft the perfect wedding ceremony that honored their community of loved ones. You’ve kind of seen Leah and Mark before when we introduced you to their wedding photography biz. Now here’s what it looks like when THEY got married.