Geeky undies for a sexy wedding night surprise

We've already covered wedding night nookie and keeping it special. But perhaps some of you would rather keep it hilarious and surprising? Maybe your partner is a classic movie monster fan and the sexiness above would show just how much you want to please them. I went on a hunt for more geeky, fangirl-y, and just plain fun panty/undie/boxer options for the wedding night (or the next day, depending on how tired you are!).


Jenna & Billy's band geeks and Harry Potter bookish wedding

Harry Potter and sheet music cupcake stands, an amazing sheet music DIYed bouquet, and damask and Scrabble details, all on a tight budget and overcoming some powerful adversity. This wedding between two alumni at their university is as sweet as it is courageous. Enjoy the book details during our Bookish theme week.


Paisley & Dougie’s crafty picnic nerdstravaganza wedding

Dungeons & Dragons, sci-fi vows, games, the Time Warp… it's a geek's paradise! After finding the venue by putting a note on the door, these two planned a local garden wedding to whet every gamer's appetite. And don't think this bride isn't up for the challenge when she forgets her vows at home!


8 ways to geekify your wedding day nails

I stumbled on these old skool Apple logo nails and felt inspired to find any and all geektastic nail tutorials! I know some of ya'll are going to love these and may be inspired to rock them down the aisle. We've got Doctor Who, Harry Potter, TMNT, Angry Birds, Super Mario, and moar! Check it out.


Julie & Tom's sci-fi and carnival-inspired treehouse wedding

Snow cones, vuvuzelas, high school students doing historical readings, dressed up dogs, 10-mile runs in wedding garb, a treehouse ceremony, Doctor Who… dude, it's even fun typing it out! Lots of interests, lots of DIY, and lots of awesome. The bride doesn't even mention that there was a milkshake bar, which I totally spied on the menu. What!