Katie & Kellan's Firefly and sci-fi geek chic wedding

No Firefly wedding is complete without Jayne Hats and Kaylee parasols, right? Add in some dinosaur references, a "Hitchhiker's Guide" program, and some Star Wars, and the geek cred is made. They may have clashed with the venue coordinator, but these two know how to make it work.


Harry Potter, Doctor Who, horses, and a four-figure discount from NY's Milestone Images

I think this is my favorite interview with one of our most prolific and wonderfully honest sponsors — Angie from Milestone Images. Not only do we get to see the once-viral sonic screwdriver bouquet in action, but we get to hear a photographers candid opinion on why her services are worth the money, why she's a great fit for DIY couples, AND we get never-before-seen admissions about the depths of her Harry Potter nerd-dom.

Oh, and I get to share with your our first ever four-figure discount from a wedding photographer.