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If you’re thinking about a Doctor Who-flavored wedding filled with Daleks, fezes, weeping angels, and more, then you may also be interested in our TARDIS blue wedding shoes.

Geek out over this nerdy fandom wedding

How many fandoms can you count in this nerdy wedding theme? From Doctor Who to Star Trek, this couple knows how to get their nerd on (spoiler: barrels of homemade mead are involved).

A quirky time travel transgender lesbian wedding

Time travel embraces change and innovation… that makes it the perfect wedding theme for these two. Jenn is a proud trans woman, an activist, a gamer geek, an IT professional, and an improv actor. Bree is a proud lesbian, a mom of two, a teacher of many, and a body positivity advocate.

A polyamorous pagan wedding ceremony script with gender-neutral language

This gender-neutral wedding ceremony script includes Pagan and Norse traditions, references to Doctor Who, Stranger In A Strange Land, Star Trek, and Tom Robbins, and more. Plus, a hilarious “we doo-doo” instead of “We do”!

Fandoms meet classic Offbeat Bride style at this Texas sci-fi wedding

Kristina and Nathan live in Florida, but headed to Corpus Christi, TX for their Texas sci-fi wedding. Kristina’s outfit reminds us of classic Offbeat Bride style with colored crinoline, a tiny top hat, and a cocktail-length skirt. She even had a handmade paper flower bouquet. We love it!

The 11th Doctor travels through time with his TARDIS: it's Doctor Who wedding inspiration!

The 11th Doctor travels through time with his TARDIS: it’s Doctor Who wedding inspiration!

Cosplayer Jazzmin Jolly and Eleventh Doctor Josh had a stellar time traveling through space and time (and New Jersey beaches!) for this Whovian shoot. There was an on-trend bouquet for the groom (on a budget, too– only $30 for all the flowers!), an envy-inducing TARDIS dress, and even a sneaky reference to the Doctor’s wife — hello sweetie!

Doctor Who meets fairies and anime at this geeky swords and wands wedding

Doctor Who meets fairies and anime at this geeky swords and wands wedding

Where do I even begin with all of these killer pop culture references in this geeky swords and wands wedding? The groom, Jon, wore 10th Doctor-inspired suit and accessories, there were Sword Art Online swords, Harry Potter wands, and gorgeous wings (made my a Victoria’s Secret wing creator!).

But really, the stand-out here is Kate’s majestic Mak Tumang gown that steals the show.