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Mexican rap and line dancing: how to rock offbeat wedding music without alienating your guests

At our wedding, I wanted country and my groom wanted Mexican rap. Obviously, we had to make some compromises as neither are big crowd-pleasers. But there are plenty of places in your wedding music line-up to express your personal style without scaring off your guests. Take my advice as a wedding DJ with these 11 helpful hints…

Have your DJ or MC remind people to sign the guestbook

Offbeat Bride Tribe member aquaring recently chewed over a few of her wedding day regrets, and shared this impeccable tip: Have your DJ announce / remind people to sign the guest book at some point during the night.

Yes, you can use Spotify as your wedding DJ

Before we got married, I read SO MANY posts about how it’s just easier to hire a DJ and not worry about ceremony music on an iPod. Still… I wasn’t having it. I wanted to control the music, I wanted to make it our own, and I didn’t want to pay out the wazoo for any of it. Our solution? Spotify.

Seattle’s Baby Van Beezly is the solution to your bachelorette or reception party nightmares

Remember the Offbeat Empire party? Remember how much if rocked our fucking worlds? One of the major reasons the party rocked so hard was because we had Seattle’s Baby Van Beezly spinning tunes karaoke-style. This the solution to your DJ woes, or the greatest bachelorette party ever! Find out why…

Indie Wedding DJ is the only Toronto DJ that gives you a no-cheese guarantee

Oh man, the perils of booking a wedding DJ — nothing gave me more trepidation. I kept telling my day-of planner, “No cheesy DJs! I don’t care who you hire, just please… no cheese!” What did I get… cheese. Sad trombone. Lucky for you Toronto, Ontario peeps, you have a fail-safe non-cheesy DJ plan with offbeat sponsor Indie Wedding DJ!

I went to an alt-wedding expo, and lived to tell the tale

The idea of going to a bridal expo gave me hives, but when I read about Philadelphia’s Lovesick Expo, I jumped at the chance to attend. Not only am I hive-free, I’m here to tell you all about it.