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How to throw a DIY wedding. Step one: Peruse this archive. Step two: Take it all in. Step three: Profit!

This blended family non-denominational wedding was COVID-safe and broadcast via ZOOM

I come from a blended family, and there were no second thoughts when my partner disclosed him having two children from a prior marriage to me. When we met, everything settled naturally. Family is truly whoever you want it to be — I believe this whole-heartedly.

A backyard wedding with dinosaurs, DIY, & a gorgeous gown made by the bride

A tea party wedding with dinosaurs, DIY, & a gorgeous gown handmade by the bride

We knew we wanted things to be really classy and elegant, but we had a small budget. Since we couldn’t afford a lot of flowers, we bought a ton of Christmas lights on sale the year before and just went nuts with white twinkle lights and it worked out beautifully. Chris loves dinosaurs, so I snuck them in everywhere without telling him: large ones held our table numbers and small ones were just hidden in strange places, all painted gold. The biggest highlight is that I made my own gown!

This before and after venue transformation is unbelievable (and DIY!)

I’ve seen a DJ turn a bare room with four walls into a Vegas Nightclub with uplighting. Most professional DJs offer uplighting packages. But if you want to do it yourself, here’s how you can save money and achieve instant party-vibes with DIY Uplighting

We found the best place to find awesomely cheap wedding DIY supplies

There’s a REALLY good place to find awesomely cheap wedding DIY supplies

Reader Gina recently clued us in to a great way to snag cheap wedding DIY supplies: your local restaurant and janitorial supply store! If you have one in your area (pro tip: Google “restaurant and janitorial supply store + your city”), you’ll find great deals on bulk DIY supplies like table coverings, candy buffet supplies, and serving tools.

DIY? KIFS (Keep It Fucking Simple): simplifying wedding DIY projects

Moving my stash of wedding craft supplies and projects over to my mother’s house today, I had a frightening, important realization: I have too much DIY shit for this wedding. Today, however, I realized that I have too much. I am trying to do too much. In my excitement, I have thrifted too many treasures and planned too many DIY projects for this wedding. Here’s how I’m simplifying wedding DIY projects on my list.

7 items to buy after Christmas for your 2016 wedding from @offbeatbride

7 key items to buy after Christmas for your wedding

Planning a wedding for this upcoming year and want to be strategic about saving some cash right now? PRO-TIP: After Christmas and New Year’s is the ideal time to score deals on decor, lights, gift sets, and other wedding items that can be stashed away for your wedding day. Here are the seven items on which we’d stock up at the after-holiday sales to have your wedding looking super chic on the cheap.