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So you want to DIY your wedding veil? We’ve got DIY veil pictures and projects for DIY veils with combs, headbands, and ribbons.

A seriously easy way to make a cathedral veil from your favorite fabric

About a month before my wedding, I became fascinated with a colorful floral veil in this post on my favorite wedding blog. I looked around for similar veils online, but couldn’t find anything for a price I was willing to pay. So I decided to DIY my veil and it was surprisingly easy! Here’s how I did it…

My incredibly simple, $14, no-sew DIY veil

I can hardly even consider it a real project because I put zero effort in to it, aside from coming up with the idea in the first place and picking out the fabric. Despite my sewing machine still being unopened in the box (for three years) I was all like “I can do this!” So my mom and I headed to a craft store in search of a gigantic piece of fabric to make this happen…

Lenore & Daniel’s Mormon, blended family, backyard wedding

These creative, artsy Mormons planned a colorful backyard wedding in only a month! With a vintage dress, thrift store decor, and three enthusiastic kids, there was no end to the fun. Plus, you’ll love their 1950s-meets-modern day family video invitation!

Julie & Matthew’s retro polka dots and pinwheels wedding

Pink and red with polka dots and pinwheels all over gives this Denver wedding a bit of a retro and a lot of ADORABLE. Add in some LEGO touches, a successful venue swap (due to a major flood!), and loads of DIY, and you’ll be all in. Oh, and you’ll never guess how the bride used Lady Gaga to surprise her dad!

Ferne & Ben’s geeky science fiction wedding

The Day of the Doctor is coming in honor of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary. What better way to relish one of our fave fandoms than to have a Doctor Who theme week? Today we’ve got a vintage dress, a huge homemade Dalek (and mini flower girl Dalek!), and a wedding guide made for us to “not panic!” It’s a sci-fi wedding… so say us all!

Ashley & Eric’s Wedding in a Bar

What’s a kick-ass way to arrive for your wedding at a bar? In a bitchin’ party bus! This pair’s rainbow of attendants (rockin’ a rainbow of socks, btw) had to dash between a parade and a police presence to take photos at the park before heading to the bar for a funny little ceremony and deep dish pizza. Check out their alternative guest books, ticketed seating arrangements, and one flower girl’s adorable pout.