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How we worded the invitations for our crowdsourced wedding

We have decided to crowdfund our wedding. It won’t pay for everything, but it does mean we can focus on having a good time rather than scrimping and saving on every little thing. The tricky part was wording everything right on the invitations, so we didn’t come off as stingy or cheap. I wrote a little poem to explain the crowdfunding. If anyone wants it, they can steal it…

5 printable wedding invitations that nature-lovers will want to download TODAY

Whether it’s fields of gold, or fields of flowers, your love of your partner is only rivaled by your love of nature, ammaright? Well then, our sponsor e.m.papers has the nature-inspired invitations that will make your hearts flutter.


5 tips (including the oldest trick in the book) when it comes to DIY wedding invitations

DIYing your invitations is a great way to save money and it is much easier than you may think to get jaw-dropping, one-of-a-kind pieces. However you approach your invitations the following five tips will save you from a hand-made disaster and lift you into invitation folklore…

DIY splatter paint Tasmanian wedding invitations

I’m an artist and I wanted the invitations to reflect our personalities as well as the casual party vibe we want to set for our New Year’s Eve wedding. I printed all the invitations on our standard home printer, and set to work spattering them (and myself) with watered down acrylics in the backyard.

Jane Austen-themed wedding invitations with personalized library catalog RSVP cards

When it came time to design our wedding invitations I wanted to keep the literary, Jane Austen, vintage themes going (future librarian here). I found several awesome ideas for literary invitations and RSVP cards and combined them all together…

DIY these Totally Awesome Boom Box wedding invitations from Download & Print

I’m Anna Skye from Download & Print and I share printable wedding invitations. I had such fun sharing my Vinyl Record invitation with Offbeat Brides that I’m back with a new invitation, new musical era, and new free template just for you!

Psst: If ’80s glam isn’t your thing, read to the bottom to get details on having a custom invitation suite designed for you for FREE by yours truly…