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Marta & Dan’s antique country western wedding

Growing up in auctions, flea markets, and antique-dealing fathers definitely left it’s mark on these repurposing and recycling kids. Like they say, “old trumps new every time!” So an old-fashioned, rural retro wedding was totally in order. Just watch out for the awesome unity ceremony… it’s a little dangerous, but definitely exciting.

Rowan & Peter’s permaculture Beltane handfasting in the woods

A Beltane wedding in the forest surrounded by intricate and lovely craft projects turned spiritual wedding decor — this is magical, indeed. The community collaborated on the whole thing with potluck food, a “cupcake brigade,” decoupaged lace lights, a love altar, and handmade accessories. Oh, and don’t forget that the bride made her own Victorian-inspired dress!

Solitary Pearl is offering discounts and deals on their ethical, custom, or DIY indie wedding gowns!

Our sponsor Solitary Pearl offers comfy and eco-friendly dress designs like my new favorite up there. Much like that dress, all these Solitary Pearl dresses are just so incredibly gorgeous but still indie. And just feminine enough to please princesses and tomboys alike.

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How I made my own green Victorian-inspired wedding dress

The journey of my dress began in a fabric shop where I discovered a luscious, sage green velvet embroidered with leafy vines and flower buds. I left the shop and went home, but couldn’t stop thinking about that cloth. The next day I went back to look again and bought 8.5 yards of the fabric, everything the store had on hand. After enlisting the help of my friend, this is how I made my own Victorian-inspired wedding dress!

Morgan & Jon’s multi-location trifecta wedding

Four locations, four weddings, and four times the reason to see what the hell it’s all about! And that includes a hand-spray-painted dress, a surprise wedding tattoo, and a really awesome “water ceremony.” You must see what ceremony flub made all the guests raise their hands in the air and wave ’em like they just don’t care.

Kelsey & Meghan’s classic happy-sappy wedding

These two ladies decided early on that priorities were key and they wouldn’t be going into debt from the wedding. And they were able to pull together a lovely ceremony and dancefest reception (with s’mores!). You might also never guess that the bride’s two dresses and all the dresses in the wedding party were handmade, too!