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Baking beauties: How to make your own wedding cake (and stay sane!)

I recently got married and I made our wedding cake. I love to bake, and I had a little previous experience making two wedding cakes with a friend, but this made it no less challenging. But making your own cake saves you a lot of money. If I wanted a cake like the one I made, I would have had to pay about £300-400.

So here are my tips for anyone who is thinking about making their own cake. It’s totally possible… pinkie promise!

Make a portable favor with cupcakes in a jar (PLUS free printable labels!)

If you’re looking for a way to combine cake and favors, cupcakes in jars are a great option. It makes the cake that much more portable, and those who are full on the meal (including you) can still get their sugar fix later. Plus: CUTE! While you can bake them directly in the jars (like this rainbow cake!), I’d recommend putting them in after. Here’s how.

Gesche & Johanna’s crafty vegan faery wedding with extra sparkle

You guys, our favorite cherry blossom brides are back! We had a look at their gorgeous first civil ceremony among the cherry blossoms and a preview of this second faery wedding. Get ready to fall in love with their handmade dresses, crafty decor, and totally adorable squee-happy faces.

Jessie & Mark’s fête fun, games, and baking wedding

This UK fête wedding had all the games you’d expect: Splat the Alien, a Nerf-gun Monster Shooting Gallery, and a Hook-A-Duck. Plus they had board games, a baking contest, and even Tombola! It was like the most excellent carnival + wedding ever. It doesn’t hurt that these two are ultra adorable and really crafty. Lots of DIY = lots of personalization.

Lisa & Kevin’s garden party comfort food wedding

A little bit comic book, a little bit DIY, a little bit picnic: that’s what makes up this amazing outdoor wedding. Oh, and a healthy dose of ooey gooey love! Make yourself a root beer float and get ready for some super sweet details.

Rachelle & Eric’s rainy improv-tastic casual cookout wedding

This couple may have gotten rained out of their original location, but an obliging firehouse ended up being an awesome substitute. As far as reception entertainment goes, this wedding wins all around: stand-up comedy, live improv, piñata bashing, and musical chairs! Plus, the story about the bride’s grandmother making her cake had me fighting the tears. Enjoy your Fourth of July with this Fourth of July cookout wedding!