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Erin & Ryan’s Northern Ireland roadtrip and homespun Appalachian handfasting

This pair likes to take the old proverb “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too” as both a personal challenge and an individual goal. Therefore, when they were planning their wedding and couldn’t decide between two drastically different affairs (a free-spirited private destination wedding adventure versus an intricately detailed small community backyard handfasting), they decided to have them both! Prepare for gorgeous scenery and naughty favors ahead!

Carol & Jonathan’s laid-back log cabin beach wedding

Sign us up for a mini-holiday wedding like this one any day: a small log cabin on the ocean in southern Scotland, bonfires, barbecue, bounce house, and loads of giggly, smiley love. If the scenery isn’t enough to get you going, the bride’s mum’s devil horns will! It was a small destination wedding with big, amazing DIY details.

Angeline & Kirk’s pink boots and kilts castle wedding

Things I love: pink Docs, dudes in kilts, frickin’ gorgeous castles… oh lookie here at this wedding with all of these rad things! The bride’s sweet memento of her late dad is adorable, too. But the best part is the very long-awaited wedding kiss… but not from the couple you might expect! You have to see how it goes down.

Cara & Joshua’s homemade Southern backyard wedding

This week we’re letting our hair down and getting back to nature in the wild, wild outdoors! This time we’ve got a Southern-style backyard wedding with mocktails, recycled tornado trees, and one bad-ass, bug-slaughtering bride. Oh, and you’ll never guess who caught the bouquet!

Julia & Brad’s Presidents’ Day weekend wedding

Presidential fake tats, the Washington DC skyline on the invites, and some of DC’s best barbecue food truck on hand for the noms — it’s a loving homage to this couple’s city on President’s Day. It was also a tribute to some hardcore DIY, including tons of hand-dyed muslin, crepe paper bouquets, and even a homemade cake. You’ll also want to take note of how to totally own a wedding day rap.

Fill a cake with goodies to make it a piñata cake

A big ball of cake filled with candy?! What the hell else could this be but a PIÑATA CAKE! It’s a cake with more goodies inside of it. Wouldn’t this look fab on a sweets table (and like tons of work went into it)? It doesn’t even seem that hard to make since you bake it before you cut it and fill it up.