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Susan & Matt’s handmade and rustic comedy wedding

What’s a sweet little rustic outdoor wedding without a few references to cults and boobs? There may have also been some awesome tributes during the ceremony and fantabulous DIY projects, too. Oh, and this is also what happens when lots of stand-up comedians end up giving a lineup of toasts!

Carmen & Grant’s weekend getaway “crocodiles on safari” wedding

When a crocodile invites himself to the wedding, you pretty much have to show him a good time… or else! And these two totally did that with their South African dishes and Amarula, the bride’s awesome gossamer wings, the Harry Potter ring book, and the sweet wine box ceremony. Check out the rest of the wedding and keep an eye out for various fauna that might be on the loose.

Bronwen & Lou’s homemade steampunk kid-friendly fire dancing wedding

Put on your goggles and your neo-Victorian gear, because this is STEAMPUNK WEEK! Today we’ve got a burner-meets-upcycled-meets-kid-friendly celebration including fire dancing, a community-planned potluck, and a sweet ceremony interruption by the couple’s little girl. It’s laid-back and free-form and we’re loving it!

Joni & Jeremy’s medieval handfasting and archery wedding

Pink hair, custom medieval dress, and goblets of mead? I think we’ve got ourselves an awesome Dutch/English bilingual handfasting! Add in a rad archery session, lots of fantasy and medieval garb, and a fairy tale retelling of the couple’s love story, and you’ll never want to travel back to the present day.

Bad-ass brides need an equally bad-ass cake: Xena meets Wonder Woman

Kim and Heather are lovers of Wonder Woman and Xena (as already evidenced by amazing ink!), but their Xena/Wonder Woman cake made by Heather herself… well, takes the cake (sad trombone). But seriously: the Greenville Children’s Museum venue in Greenville, SC, the two dresses, the sword cake cutting, the comic postcard guest book… it’s all a product of super powers, I’m sure of it.

Carly & Travis’ Southern feminist love party

Carly from Two Spoons Photography, and her beau celebrated their amazing love (started at summer camp!) with an awesome alternative to a traditional ceremony: a series of toasts from loved ones and to each other. D’aww. Plus, their friends each brought their own DIY flair to the decor, food, MCing, guest book, and even the live music!