DIY? KIFS (Keep It Fucking Simple): simplifying wedding DIY projects

Moving my stash of wedding craft supplies and projects over to my mother's house today, I had a frightening, important realization: I have too much DIY shit for this wedding. Today, however, I realized that I have too much. I am trying to do too much. In my excitement, I have thrifted too many treasures and planned too many DIY projects for this wedding. Here's how I'm simplifying wedding DIY projects on my list.


11 wedding cake fails so bad they're good

What's one love we share with the rest of the world? DIY fails. We love 'em and who can blame us since we've probably all failed at one Pinterest project or another and are on DIY burnout mode. We also love when we see wedding cakes that fail so hard they've turned a corner into being awesome anyway. Let's celebrate cakes that just didn't make the cut to Pinterest-hood but we'd give a big hug to anyway.


Package deals, tax write-offs, and pants: Save money on your wedding without the DIY headaches

As you know, the budget-friendly DIY craze has swept the wedding industry. But what if you're the kind of person who doesn't want a DIY wedding? What if the idea of making your own decorations makes you break out in a nervous sweat just thinking about it? OR, what if you've already got the DIY thing maxed out, but you still need ideas to get the budget beast under control? Fear not! You can still save some serious cash with my budget-friendly tips below…


Does wedding DIY save you money?

My fiancé and I are totally excited about including some DIY elements in our wedding, but I am wondering if it makes sense financially. What are your experiences? Did your DIY projects save you money or cost more?