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Felt succulents tutorial for all your rustic centerpieces and bouquets as seen on @offbeatbride #felt #fabricflowers #succulents #wedding

A felt succulents tutorial for all your rustic centerpieces, bouquets, and headpieces

Are you into succulents and want them to last forever and ever and ever? I’ve got a DIY project for super easy felt succulents to make into a bouquet, as your centerpiece, and even as a headpiece! Once these felt succulents are made, you can attach them to almost anything for a super fun and rustic vibe. Shall we learn how to make them? Let’s go.

Who needs flowers when tambourine bouquets are a thing?

Have we got a killer wedding coming up later this week for you, but I couldn’t wait to share this one particular detail with you. The bridesmaids had TAMBOURINE BOUQUETS! We love us some non-floral bouquet ideas, and this one is just so rad. Imagine walking down the aisle, gently shaking the tambourines and making such a lovely sound. Guh. Love. The best part? This was a DIY project by the bride and her crew. There’s a whole lot more DIY magic in store when we share the full wedding. Watch this space!

Potluck bouquet: Build a bouquet from flowers that guests bring

Instead of putting the bouquet together herself on her way to meet Martyn, Jess requested that a few loved ones arrive to the wedding with small bouquets of flowers that were special to them. Her sister arranged the many different flowers into one huge bridal bouquet right before Jess walked down the aisle.

Pieces of flair for your wedding!: How to make a pin back bouquet in 10 easy steps

My bouquet is a ball of awesomeness — it’s a ball of pin backs (aka badges, aka buttons, aka pieces of flair).

How to make fabulous paper rose bouquets

My fiancé is allergic to all the pollen from essentially ALL the flowers. Therefore, standard wedding decor, typically involving floral arrangements was a challenge. I’m resourceful, crafty, and obsessed with efficiency. This lead to Operation Paper Roses. From prototype to final product, here’s the recipe for making this fabulous paper rose bouquet…

How to make multi-layered paper flowers by hand

I based my flowers off of this tutorial, but, that tutorial requires tools that I don’t have — a special machine that cut out the flowers, and that’s awesome. But, if you don’t have that machine, it can be done by hand! Here’s how I made mine…