Make these "marriage can be messy" napkin rings

Tribesmaid Sinfulpixie is an artist who's obsessed with Disney Since, and her fiancé is a Geography major. They decided to combine their interests into a wedding theme of "Geographically Drawn Together." Check out their cleverly DIYed napkin rings that read "Marriage Can Be Messy" in the that fantastic Disney font!


Kat & Earl's handmade movie geek Disney-inspired wedding

Tradition meets tons of personalization with this Disney and movie-themed wedding. We're talking illustrations from favorite movies, Disney centerpieces, 3D cut-outs, and lots of elements from their signature styles. It was both a dry wedding and a no-dancing wedding, but with Truth or Dare Jenga, scavenger hunts, a photo booth, and a gelato bar, there was no shortage of super-fun-ness. And just wait until you read the bride's favorite moment. It's like you're there!


Raina & Michelle's elegant Disney + Star Wars wedding

We teased this Disney-meets-Star Wars wedding last week and you guys demanded to see MOAR! From their hand-cut rainbow ketubah, Disney and Star Wars mashup decor, lightsaber cake cutters, "Unbreakable Vow" ring book, and overall makes-me-want-to-hug-them adorableness, you're going to luuuurve it. Oh, and wait until you see how they memorialized their passed loved ones at the ceremony. It didn't go quite as planned!


It should be obvious why I love these custom-painted Little Mermaid shoes

FINE YES, my name is Ariel and when The Little Mermaid came out, I was at the height of my high school musical theater career, and could not have been more pleased. To this day, "Part of Your World" is one of my top five karaoke jams. With this in mind, it is of course no surprised that I got a special feeling in my imaginary mermaid gills when I spotted the custom-painted Vans that Shondypie wore at her aquarium wedding. These were custom-painted by Etsy seller SomethingFromTheSun.