10 pairs of adorable custom-painted wedding shoes

If you let yourself go down any given rabbit hole on Etsy, you will suddenly realize that this one cute idea is actually a whole niche industry of people who all had the same cute idea and are now all working their tails off to execute that cute idea in ways you never even imagined.

In this spirit, enter the custom-painted wedding shoe. There is a whole world of custom-painted wedding shoes out there, and today we're going to dip one small, custom-painted toe into it.


Check out the special guest stars at Rachel & Steven's Disney and Up-themed wedding

Just wait until you see the Disney's Up-themed details in this super-close-to-Disney wedding. Sky + balloons cake, grape soda boutonnieres, an Adventure Book, and lots of Disney-related songs, decor, and accessories make this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. You'll also learn a pretty neat trick on having a Disney wedding without actually having to contract with Disney.


Brittany & Tyler's music and Disney wedding

Green hair, cowboy hats, Disney song table names, and some seriously adorable couple shots — this one may just make your day. Add in a music theme and a truly funny mother/daughter dance and you'll be ready to make out with this wedding.