Wedding photography that's "a little nerdy and a lot laid back" from Atlanta's YouAreRaven

Photographer Raven Shutley is a traveling wedding photographer, who's as obsessed with emotions and what makes you YOU. So if one of you is chillin' in a creek in your wedding clothes, or a Star Wars fanboy, and the other is Browncoat, then your Boba Fett/Jayne wedding portrait request is exactly what Raven wants to shoot. Let's talk about how you can get your hands on your own photoshoot mash-up of you-ness with a special discount from YouAreRaven.


Are photographers going to start offering discounts for unplugged weddings?

In my almost-eight years of running Offbeat Bride and working with wedding photographers, I've heard of photographers offering potential clients discounts for all sorts of things: discounts for destination weddings, discounts for LGBT-identified couples, discounts for sci-fi weddings or elopements and all sorts of other niche weddings. But yesterday was the first time I saw a photographer who's offering a discount for couples doing an unplugged wedding. Is this a new thing?


Get your head-to-toe vintage wedding look from The Wardrobe Shop

Do y'all remember our sponsor The Wardrobe Shop — the place to find all the vintage-styles of your Downton Abbey fashion dreams? For those that don't recall: The Wardrobe Shop, and carries vintage-style clothes inspired by Titanic-era fashions, Downton Abbey, as well as Old Hollywood silent movie star fashions. Now they're back with a special promotion! But first, let's talk vintage-style fashion…