The 9 ways I'm making our vow renewal better than our not-so-great wedding

Our wedding planning began well, it did not continue that way. Our 2009 wedding was endured rather than enjoyed by our guests and ourselves. Blame is useless. I cannot undo what has been done. But I knew there was a way to create new, happy, memories… my husband and I could have a vow renewal! This time I want to enjoy the planning. I want to look forward to the day. I want our family and friends to enjoy the event. So in the five years since our wedding, I've reflected on how I can make the vow renewal planning a much better experience than wedding planning was. Here are my top nine realizations…


My "Big Day" as an annual event: Why my less-than-perfect wedding isn't a big deal

I didn't get the wedding I wanted and that's perfectly okay, because I'm going to have a wedding every year for the rest of my life. If I'm allowed to have this crazy notion that my husband and I are going to spend the rest of our freaking lives together, why not vow to celebrate our marriage at least once a year? We'll turn every anniversary into an opportunity to get hitched again.


Think twice before writing that negative vendor review

I was disappointed by one of my wedding vendors, so I wrote a scathing review on a wedding vendor review site.

… And then the vendor threatened to sue me.

Yes, it's true. By law, in my state at least, some of the statements that I wrote in my negative vendor review were considered defamatory and therefore against the law. Which meant I could be sued for a total up to $350,000. So before you go posting that crazy-mad review, follow these tips…


13 things I wish I'd known on my wedding day

Well, the wedding was beautiful and fun and awesome by all accounts, but now I have the "shoulda-coulda-wouldas" and it's getting me down. But please, LEARN from my mistakes! I offer you this advice as a bride who didn't think of all of these things before the wedding…