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Our wedding was full of tears and imperfection… and I loved it

Our wedding day was not perfect. It was waaay colder than expected, our venue had half a dozen hiccups, there was one trip to the hospital, one birth, and one rival college football game. But when people ask me how my wedding was, all I can say is “like a dream.” Then I ache and wish it was three times longer and I could live it ten more times over.

OPEN THREAD: What do wedding vendors really think of feedback?

I recently got married, and while I had some positive vendor experiences, I had a number that were less than ideal. Before going and posting reviews online I have read through some posts on your site about reviews, negative reviews, etc. That said, I was wondering what people in the Offbeat Bride community — vendors and couples — thought about reviews and feedback…

I’m ready to get married… but my life situation isn’t

My partner’s been proposing to me, almost as a game, on the semi-regular since we both realised that we were “it” for each other. I want to say yes with every fiber of my being. The problem is, I’m sick — the sort where you don’t get completely better. And it’s unclear when I’ll be able to re-enter the workforce.

How to deal with disappointment on your wedding day

I couldn’t believe that I was feeling disappointed on my wedding day. I felt like a failure for being so down on one of the happiest days of my life. From 12pm until about 2pm on the day of the wedding, I was ready to just say “FUCK THIS SHIT.” So, my advice is…

Choose your wedding party carefully, and 6 more pieces of wedding advice I needed

I read every advice blog there was. I knew what should be in my emergency kit, and I was completely on top of all to-do lists. I had thought about all the things brides forget about. Despite how excited I was (and am) about my marriage, despite how awesome our loved ones are, and despite how much I love projects — I HATED planning our wedding. I believe my experience would have been a bit different if I had read this advice first…

The worst wedding ever

Apparently my mother’s cousin had the Worst Wedding Ever back in the ’50s. I wanted to tell you about that Worst Wedding Ever…