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At Offbeat Bride, we know that disabilities aren’t always visible, and that while some of us might be getting married in a wheelchair or walking down the aisle with a cane, others of us are dealing with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, or other invisible challenges like panic disorders, being neurodivergent, or having social anxiety conditions. Whatever your abilities, we want to help you have a wonderful wedding!

Mariesa & Gary’s TV geek wedding (with a broken foot)

Not even a broken foot and a VERY large walking cast could stop Mariesa from marrying her fellow TV geek Gary. See how they pulled it off this TV-themed wedding and looked great doing it.

No wedding receiving line: Socially distanced ways to greet your wedding guests

“I have a condition called fibromyalgia which causes me near constant pain and makes me feel tired very easily. I am really worried about how to deal with receiving lines…”

Libby & Jobe’s vegan/vegetarian picnic wedding

Jobe wanted a court house wedding, but I have a lot of important friends and family that I wanted to share our day with (I’m a cancer survivor, and eight years ago I wasn’t sure if I would ever get to this point in my life). I just wanted to have a big party with vegan and vegetarian food, and promised Jobe a three – five minute ceremony.

Fran & Siobhán’s feminist, disability-friendly, colourful, vegan wedding

Living a non-traditional life meant our guests weren’t expecting a traditional day from the start, so we had complete freedom. We’re bisexual so it was important our day was a celebration of not just our love but of love generally.

Andy & Jeff’s bright green, design-detailed wedding

I had a “Just Married” sign on the back of my wheelchair, and at the end of the aisle we had a pause and were able to enjoy each others company for a minute…

Steff & James’ Viking Heavy Metal Halloween Wedding of Epicness

Happy almost-Halloween! Today marks our final post in our month-long celebration of Halloween weddings. The Offbeat Bride: Steff, Copywriter and Braille Transcriber Her Offbeat Partner: James, Geo-technician, Armourer and heavy metal drummer Location & date of wedding: Spookers, Kingseat Hospital Grounds, Kingseat, New Zealand — 1 November 2008 What made our wedding offbeat: James and […]