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Dinosaurs are literally a huge addition to weddings in the form of dinosaur shoes, dinosaur decor, and dino-themed vows. Let’s get Jurassic and see all kinds of T-Rex wedding fun.

Turn plain ‘ol Crayons into crafty customizable gifts using ice trays!

I love finding new ideas for wedding favors that are both geeky AND useful! Check out craftsy wedding favor idea that involves Lego men, Space Invaders and crayons.

Brenda & Rob’s sci-fi, eco wedding with a Tardis

As someone who often puts together bride profiles while watching marathons of Doctor Who, Brenda and Rob’s sci-fi tv show-themed, eco friendly wedding with a Tardis really made me happy. Also it’s a first for “costumed wedding cat” that I know of!

Celeste & Jason’s geeky, vegan, sci-fi extravaganza

The offbeat bride: Celeste, Fandomania Assistant Editor and Podcast Co-Host (and OBT member) Her offbeat partner: Jason, Online Comics/Collectibles Store Owner and Fandomania Managing Editor and Podcast Co-Host Location & date of wedding: Orlando Science Center, Orlando, FL — 11.14.09 What made our wedding offbeat: We are both extremely geeky (we met at a convention […]

Kory & Ben’s Dia de los Dinosaurs Wedding

The offbeat bride: Kory Bingaman, illustrator and comic book artist Her offbeat partner: Ben Francka, writer and cook Location & date of wedding: Riverwalk Jazz Café, Ozark Missouri — September 19, 2009 What made our wedding offbeat: Neither of us were caught up on traditions or thoughts of “we have to do this because that’s […]

Natural history museum wedding

This is what it looks like when you get married at a Natural History Museum, like Leslie and Emory just did.