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We’ve written a lot about diamond rings over the years, including how to deal with jealousy and concerns about the ethics of diamond rings. Ooh, and if you want to go straight to the source, check out a few of our very favorite diamond engagement rings, vintage rings, wedding bands, eco-friendly fine jewelry, and custom styles right here.

Brilliant Earth’s conflict-free diamond rings & ethically-sourced sapphires

If you’re magnetically drawn to the bling, but repulsed and nauseated by the horror of the diamond trade, then you should check out the conflict free diamonds from Brilliant Earth. In a sea of sketchy mall stores, these guys stand out as a socially responsible jeweler with their conflict-free Canadian diamonds, ethically sourced sapphires, and […]

Target Women: Jewelry!

This isn’t about weddings, but it totally relates — you’ll see. And then you will laugh and laugh.

Diamond as dick size

See, when you talk exact carats, you’re getting into the dick-size game, whether you mean to or not. It’s sort of like pulling down your pants and saying, “Oh that? My 10.75-inch-long penis? Ignore that — I’m trying to tell about you my scrotal piercing!” Here’s a fool-proof way to avoid the whole OMG IT’S SO HUGE discussion.