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Jen & Randy’s handmade traditional family party wedding

This bride may have been thrown for a loop by her job change during the wedding planning, but it sure doesn’t show in this lovely DIYed wedding in Delaware. Take a peek at their coffee filter flowers, bowling pin cake, and carved edibles. And don’t miss what the bride’s 92-year-old grandfather did during the cake cutting!

Domenica & Brian’s wicked All Hallow’s Eve wedding

It’s our favorite week for spooky, gothic, and horror-themed weddings — it’s HALLOWEEN WEEK! Today we’re spying a wedding full of Halloween goodies, a glam-as-hell purple reception dress, and a super meaningful ceremony from which you’ll definitely want to take notes. Don’t miss the R.I.P. on the cake!

Steal this menu: Buffet-style, locally sourced, Eastern Shore wedding picnic

Here’s a menu for those of you who live on the Eastern Shore and want to incorporate local-style fair into your wedding menu. Alternately, it could be a menu for ANYONE who loves seafood and beer.

Jessica & David’s offbeat lite meets piñatas and Halloween wedding

A reluctant bride comes full circle in accepting her marriage starting with their awesome Halloween wedding. This couple managed to combine a cemetery, costume favors, piñatas, and a little bit of offbeat lite tradition into this ghoulish party.

The bridal party wore fangs, the officiant dressed as Dark Oberon, and the bride ended up in her sister’s dress. Craziness ensues.