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Erin & Mark’s retro, book-inspired, freethinking wedding

Book-lovers, Toronto-lovers, and gorgeous-wedding-lovers: follow me to your wedding bliss. Book page rose centerpieces, book cover programs and table numbers, library card place cards, and so many more bibliophile deliciousness abound. But the bride’s way of dealing with her grief around planning may just bring a tear to your eye.

Scott & Wes’ intimate seaside Malibu luncheon wedding

This tiny, sweet wedding with two grooms, seaside decor, and a helluva biggest challenge turned biggest win has serious cute factor. Come for the awesome officiant story and tear-y ceremony, and stay to read all the little love captions in their Flickr photos!

Nicole & Adam’s lunchtime guitar-igami wedding

We teased this couple’s adorable crocheted dessert table toppers earlier this week and now we’ve got the whole story! We’re talking a self-catered fajita bar, suuuuper sweet serenades from the groom AND the bride’s father, and a last-minute rain break for an awesome outdoor ceremony. And just wait until you hear what the officiant did during the epic-length first kiss!

Barbara & Don’s eclectic LA gallery wedding

A 12/12/12 wedding at noon?! That’s some memorable date. Plus, since it was a Wednesday, this pair combined the magic midweek wedding with a daytime wedding for budget-friendly bliss. But there was no shortage of style here. The bride described the gallery ceremony space as “an eclectic mix of old and new with a hint of creepy.” Sounds like a fab combo, and once you see it, you’ll agree. Oh, and wait until you hear how the bride handled a touchy tattoo subject with her conservative family.

Megan & Joe’s relaxed daytime wedding with a hug line

This wedding is all about learning experiences: you don’t need fancy “yay” flags when simple ones bring as much fun, dads are sometimes more mushy-gushy than they let on (see the flashing baby photos for proof!), and sometimes a daytime wedding with fabulous food (drooool potatoes) is totally the way to go. Plus: learn what the hell a “hug line” is and how you can get one, too!

Clare & Shaun’s retro red industrial wedding

Let them eat (birdcage) cake! And wear red dresses with super poofy skirts with a big ass flower! Yes? Yes.