A golden sunset wedding in Malibu

Monique was a soon-to-be mama and, along with partner Deronn, planned this fabulous party in only three months! They chose The Sunset Restaurant in Malibu, which totally highlights the shoreline (where they decided to have the ceremony!) and naturally, the luminous sunset. Talk about the Golden Hour — more like the Golden Entire Evening!


Let's check out this groom's kick-ass embroidered suit

Nikki and Nick were married at Elliston Vineyards, an estate in Sunol, California surrounded by sprawling vineyards and a century-old stone mansion. While the wedding included some gorgeous details, the fashion was the scene-stealer here. Nikki's 1969 Gunne Sax gown makes my knees weak, but it's Nick's custom-made embroidered country suit that bugs my eyes out like a cartoon


An orchid tux, peeks of yellow, and lots of ink

Christina and Alex had an orchid-theme wedding with lots of orchids in the bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, and the cake. The groom even wore a custom-made tux with appliqued orchids all over it. Christina wore a '50s-style cocktail dress and yellow heels that totally offset her amazing ink. Plus, her grandma was her maid of honor! D'aww.


Tricks for Old-fashion-ing your suit for a vintage wedding

Unlike ladies' formal attire, men's suits really haven't changed very much in the couple of hundred years they have existed. So, by playing with the details, you can make almost any three-piece suit look like it's from any era. There are numerous creative things you can do to vintage-ize your ensemble and Duchess Clothiers is giving away the secret behind what details to pay attention to.


How I figured out what to wear despite my gender ambivalence

I know, I know: be yourself! Wear what you want to! But the last thing I want is a bunch of complicated questions about gender identity from extended family members I only met me the day before. It can be awfully hard to untangle how you want to feel in your clothes from how you want others to react to them.