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custom-made artwork

Kim & Cole’s barn and bonfire wedding

We spied this most excellently dressed wedding party recently and were totally hoping to see the full wedding story. Thankfully, Kim and Cole obliged. Get ready for a seriously chic venue with their added DIY fabulousness (like a sweet DIY photo booth and wine cork chandelier!), and two of the most dapper-as-hell brides we’ve ever seen.

Val & Theron’s sparkly foodie costume change wedding

This wedding has a chic urban venue, lots of glam outfits (including three dress changes from the bride!), glow necklaces on the dance floor, and a very fun flipbook photo booth (with video!). Speaking of video, you’ll definitely want to check out this couple’s super cute pre-ceremony video. It was a really great way to get people in the mood for celebrating love.

A bowler-hatted London wedding with a three-hour tour

Vanessa and Osiris are originally from Venezuela, and now live and work in London. They planned a three-part event around London to show their global guests (from Venezuela to LA and beyond) some gorgeous sights in the place they love. From ceremony to a three hour boat cruise with a cream tea, to rockin’ reception, everything was lovely and sweet and delicious food was everywhere.

Kelly & Adam’s three-part Halloween dance party

Get your candy out because it’s Halloween Week! We’ve got zombies, ghosts, and gore in our weddings. Today we have a three-part celebration with Halloween flair (and a zombie dog!). You’ll definitely want to check out the Halloween cakes too. And see how the bride uses a tie clip as a memorial in her bouquet!

A zombie masquerade with Waldo and a disembodied finger (aka a Halloweeny Monday Montage)

The Halloween wedding of “Zombie and Vamps” had an excellent guest book in the form of a hand-drawn illustration. And you know what jack-o-lanterns in the Monday Montage means: HALLOWEEN WEEK IS HERE! Now on to the best spooky, creepy, and gory submissions from the Offbeat Bride Flickr Pool, Pinterest, and the Offbeat Bride Tribe.

Funky reception dancing, a speech with props, and a Ron Swanson painting guest book

Crystal and Richie sneak a smooch behind a great Neil Gaiman book. We’ve also got some funky reception dancing, a speech with props, and a Ron Swanson guestbook painting. It’s a wacky week in reader submissions and I wouldn’t have it any other way.