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Dragon egg wedding invitation as seen on @offbeatbride

The Mother of dragon egg wedding invitations awaits

I HAD to share this killer dragon egg wedding invitation idea. Your guest receives the egg in the mail, they crack it open, and get a custom message from you! I’m seeing this Game of Thrones-inspired or even the golden egg from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Either way, it’s super rad for your inner Khaleesi.

Unique wedding invitations that even your mom will love!

You may remember our sponsor, Sweetheart Shout Out, as the wedding invitation design team that devoted their business to ridding the world of crappy wedding invitations. Or, as they put it: “We take glittery, silk-flowery, ribbony, moldy invitations and throw them off the roof… down fifty stories… into a giant shredder!” And get this, your tradition-loving mom, may actually be totally happy about that!

Here’s how Sweetheart Shout Out is on the forefront of the unique wedding invitations revolution…

How to Design A Wedding Invitation

How to design a wedding invitation (including a personalized logo!)

Before I claimed to be a writer of any kind, my career began as a graphic designer. If you’re also in marketing or design, you’ll enjoy this “how to make a wedding invitation” tale. If you’ve never had a lick of graphic experience in your life, I’m hoping this story gives you an idea of where to start and how to do it yourself.

4 awesome things you should know about Mixbook (they’re more than kick-ass wedding albums!)

We already know that you guys love our sponsor Mixbooks. Hell, some of you have VOLUNTARILY written posts singing their praises, so that other Offbeat Bride readers can learn the joy of Mixbook wedding albums. But did you know that Mixbook is more than just easy-to-make, kick-ass wedding albums?

Take advantage of these 3 special wedding invitation discounts from Company 333 Designs

Have an idea for the most kick-ass wedding invitations, but you’re not seeing it anywhere online, and you don’t have the design background to whip them up yourself? Our sponsor Studio 333 Designs says, “Bring us your superhero, retro, vintage circus and original desires and we bring it to reality. The weirder the better!”

Jane Austen-themed wedding invitations with personalized library catalog RSVP cards

When it came time to design our wedding invitations I wanted to keep the literary, Jane Austen, vintage themes going (future librarian here). I found several awesome ideas for literary invitations and RSVP cards and combined them all together…