Allison & Chris' post-apocalyptic carnival 75 feet underground

First we've got midway games, fire performances, and balloon animals. Then there's an underground cold war museum bunker, Fallout-themed decor, and post-apocalyptic catering. It's a fusion of carnival and the apocalypse that we can totally get behind! That doesn't even cover the fabulously redesigned heirloom dress and 3D-printed rings. And just wait until you see what happened with the helicopter ring delivery.


A "short, round, and very busty" girl's guide to having a dress custom made

The idea of wedding dress shopping was something I had always found challenging. As someone who is short, round, and very busty, I hated the idea of being clamped into an off-the-peg sample dress four sizes too small. I looked at dresses aimed at curvier brides and saw that most of them were ugly, and seemed to be about hiding your body, not celebrating it. I knew any dress I bought in a bridal store would have to be massively modified to fit me. So instead of dealing with all that, I started thinking about having a dress made-to-measure.


Jessica & Grant's outdoor Victorian winery wedding

This bride's custom-made cobalt blue Victorian dress steals our hearts, and the rustic, forest-y details take the rest. Non-matching bridesmaids in white, a fabulous ceremony gazebo, and so much ambiance. Oh, and wait until you hear the story the groom told in his speech. Let's just say it had something to with self-tanner.