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Crochet your own cake topper versions of yourselves

Check out the adorableness that is Nicole and Adam’s crocheted cake toppers of themselves. The bride Nicole made them herself.

Carry a bouquet of yarn balls

Check out Offbeat Bride Sarah’s awesome bridal bouquet made out of what looks like yarn balls! Sarah who hand-made her own bouquet explained how she pulled off this crafty look.

Anais & Ira’s low-key handmade crafty wedding

One way to bond over the wedding is to get everyone and their mother involved in the tiny details. That’s exactly what this couple did, and it made planning a little more sane than it could have been. With paper and knitted flowers, an all-vegan-plus-pork menu, and lots of woodsy and crafty details, you know a lot of heart (and probably sweat) went into this wedding. Oh, and don’t forget to pour one out for the missing home-brewed beer that could have been.

Ashley & Josh’s home-brewed prison wedding with a rap video

This bride goes gaga for DIY projects, and the biggest problem was reining them in! One of the best projects was the bride’s rap video gift to the groom. You have to see it to believe it. Other killer details included the dance into the ceremony, the abundant coffee filter flowers, and the cutie-pie vows worth stealing. But be warned: good luck getting through their favorite moment. Tissues will be required.

Jenni & Loren’s simple crafty outdoor relationship celebration

After seven years together, these two were used to working together. Photos in the centerpieces, slides in the crafty boutonnieres, a ribbon wand sendoff, and a great twist on a ring warming are just a few of the gorgeous details. Click on to see how they celebrated the love they’d built over the years with a big dose of teamwork and some good advice.

Michelle & Sharky’s top-secret shark-infested wedding

The groom’s nickname is Sharky, so you might know what theme this wedding had. You guessed it: tons of hidden sharks! Plus, the theme was a secret from everyone except a select few. They also used a little photo magic to add some personality to their centerpieces. But my favorite part is the photos of the couple — talk about personality. Definitely check the slideshow on this one.