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Get crafty with a cross-stitched ring pillow

Cross-stitching has a pretty low barrier of entry as far as needlecrafts go, so if you’re looking for a project to give to someone new to DIY (or even better: a kid in your crew), a cross-stitched ring pillow is fab.

Offbeat paper-doll-chain bridesmaids invitations

Tribe member Dragonwort took the idea of paper-chain doll bridesmaid invites and super-sized it to the power of offbeat! Check these out and get inspired to go crazy with it! -Megs

Gina & Frank’s circus-freak, carnival wedding and sideshow

Gina & Frank showed their life long commitment to each other by getting ring tattoos during their ceremony! This fit in perfectly with their tattoo-filled, circus side-show themed wedding.

How to make funky frosted glass centerpieces

The sky is the limit with this idea… beakers, mason jars, intricate vases, dollar store vases etc. Minimal materials are involved, and they will create one helluva’n ambiance.

How to DIY your own brooch bouquet

Making a brooch bouquet is a fairly simple project, but requires a wee bit of time. So arm yourself with shiny brooches and earrings, and let’s go!

How to DIY your own cupcake wrappers

Cupcakes are the bestest… we all know that right? There’s a new trend in weddings to go portable with the sweets, and cupcakes fit the bill. Homemade or gourmet, they’re hard to resist and I have a fancy schmancy new way for you to DIY dress up your little cupcake morsels of delight!