How to make your own bad-ass magnetic bottle cap wedding favors

I'd seen bottle cap magnets on craft sites before and was interested in playing with craft resin so I put the two together and voila: nifty home crafted wedding favors! Once you have your random (but of course self-representing) bits and bobs to cast in resin –anything that fits in a bottle cap works great — have fun making these personalized bottle cap magnets.


Pre-wedding excitement with bubble wrap, comics, shoes, and hedgehogs

This week it's all about the excitement of wedding prep in our reader round-up. We have sci-fi-esque Save the Date video teasers, comic book invitations, wedding crafts, a cute hedgehog, and even the coolest wedding countdown calendar you've ever seen. Oh, and I show off some of my favorite wedding purchases that you've made recently. So let's throw our hands (and paper hearts?) in the air and say "Yay for wedding planning!"…

Get crafty with a cross-stitched ring pillow

Cross-stitching has a pretty low barrier of entry as far as needlecrafts go, so if you're looking for a project to give to someone new to DIY (or even better: a kid in your crew), a cross-stitched ring pillow is fab.