How to make your own bad-ass magnetic bottle cap wedding favors

I'd seen bottle cap magnets on craft sites before and was interested in playing with craft resin so I put the two together and voila: nifty home crafted wedding favors! Once you have your random (but of course self-representing) bits and bobs to cast in resin –anything that fits in a bottle cap works great — have fun making these personalized bottle cap magnets.


Pre-wedding excitement with bubble wrap, comics, shoes, and hedgehogs

This week it's all about the excitement of wedding prep in our reader round-up. We have sci-fi-esque Save the Date video teasers, comic book invitations, wedding crafts, a cute hedgehog, and even the coolest wedding countdown calendar you've ever seen. Oh, and I show off some of my favorite wedding purchases that you've made recently. So let's throw our hands (and paper hearts?) in the air and say "Yay for wedding planning!"…