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Why you should ALWAYS ask about other booked events at your wedding venue

Did you hear the one about the Offbeat Bride who found out about the Fetish Con being hosted at her wedding venue? Yeah… Add that to the list of “shit I would NEVER have thought about when planning a wedding.” So here’s a little tip from reader/former hotel business lady Rebecca…

A Princess Bride wedding channeling Westley and Buttercup themselves

You know our Offbeat Brides love them some references to The Princess Bride. (See our tag archive for proof!) The Impressive Clergyman makes appearances regularly. But rare is the time when we get some full-on Westley and Buttercup cosplay!

A wedding dress inspired by Rydia from Final Fantasy IV

Have you ever wondered what Rydia from Final Fantasy IV would wear on her wedding day? Tribe member Kouhotaru, then she made it a reality in this, our first Nintendo-inspired wedding dress.

When Star Wars, Doctor Who & cosplayers collide at a Las Vegas wedding, this is the AMAZING result

Check out Tribe member (and fabulous cos-player) Ginny McQueen‘s Las Vegas Wedding! (You might remember Ginny from her amazing Star Wars poster invitation.) Ginny and Rob got married on a freakin’ rock!