Disney princess dresses for your Halloween wedding

Get ahead for your costume & Halloween weddings with these Disney princess gowns

Halloween couples: you’re probably finding all kinds of ways to incorporate your love of spook into your wedding day and that might include costumes. And if so? Hell yes! If you’re thinking about rocking a gown-type of dress at your ceremony and/or reception, a Disney princess gown is always a super fun and recognizable look. Let’s wish upon a star for the loveliest of dresses to woo the princes and princesses (and otherwise) of our hearts…

Mawwiage in tights: a Princess Bride meets Robin Hood: Men in Tights wedding

Mawwiage in tights: a Princess Bride meets Robin Hood: Men in Tights wedding

There’s one definite way to get me excited about a wedding: tell me it’s a Princess Bride meets Robin Hood: Men in Tights theme. I am not worthy. Kaitlyn and Blaise love all things cosplay and Renaissance so it made perfect sense. We’re talking groomsmen in tights, two themed dresses and a crown for the bride (one that she made!), elf ears for everyone, and costumes galore including Gandalf, Dr. Strange, and Sonny and Sher-wood.

A most "strange and unusual" Beetlejuice wedding (with the movie wedding outfits!)

A most “strange and unusual” Beetlejuice wedding (officiated by Miss Argentina!)

We had a Beetlejuice themed wedding! It's a movie we both love and enjoyed growing up (my family used to call me Beetlejuice!) and when we got engaged, we both knew we wanted to do something different since Ryan’s a musician and graphic designer, and I love to cosplay and make teeth for a living. In with the theme of Beetlejuice, we got Ryan a burgundy suit, his groompeople's outfits were inspired by Otho, while my scouts (I am a HUGE Sailor Moon fan) wore black and white dresses with accents of red…

The 11th Doctor travels through time with his TARDIS: it's Doctor Who wedding inspiration!

The 11th Doctor travels through time with his TARDIS: it’s Doctor Who wedding inspiration!

Cosplayer Jazzmin Jolly and Eleventh Doctor Josh had a stellar time traveling through space and time (and New Jersey beaches!) for this Whovian shoot. There was an on-trend bouquet for the groom (on a budget, too– only $30 for all the flowers!), an envy-inducing TARDIS dress, and even a sneaky reference to the Doctor’s wife — hello sweetie!

When Padme and Anakin rocked their engagement photos

How Padme and Anakin rocked their engagement photos

This couple rocked a stellar Star Wars cosplay shoot with Padme and Anakin in a Tatooine-like landscape. It was taken by JM Photography who were compelled to keep it under wraps until their Baywood Golf & Country Club wedding in Arcata, California. Geeky surprises are the best kind!

alternative and offbeat engagement photo ideas

So many offbeat & fun engagement photo ideas to inspire yours

There’s more to fun engagement photo ideas than gazing into each others’ eyes in a park. You can do, well, anything! We put out the call for some alternative ideas for engagement shoot ideas and our vendors came through with some winners. We’re talking movie and TV references, arcade gaming, dinosaur cameos, lightsabers, wands, and dance parties anywhere.